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The National Association of Local Businesses, founded in 2018, was an outgrowth of Joe’s passion to assist local businesses to be more productive, profitable and promoted to new customer & clients. In addition, Joe’s desire was to create a world class sales opportunity for B2B Professionals who want to increase their (residual) income, without giving up their current opportunity or changing products or “jobs”. The concept is simple. Through the National Association of Local Business’s (NAOLB) our Ambassadors engage in a unique and proven sales process, that any B2B sales professionals can do, to create a true residual income, more than doubling their current compensation, without adding any additional time or efforts to their busy day! By offering their clients a FREE membership in the NAOLB, which provides them with access to over 100 top quality products and services, they will serve their clients better,  have more time and financial freedom, while building their business! There are no enrollment fees, franchise fees or monthly fees to be an Ambassador with the NAOLB.

The NAOLB member or client receives world class personalized customer service on top quality products and services from over 40 dedicated service providers, offering significant discounts to our members. There are no fees, dues or minimum purchases required to be an NAOLB member.

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Founded in 2012 in Westport CT,  by Joe, his eldest daughter Aly and his son-in-law Alex Carter. They set out to build a company that would assist small businesses to increase their exposure online. Now, as the premier service provider of the industry, offering over 80 digital services, MaxExposure works with 1000s of small businesses, throughout North America, providing world-class services at the most affordable rates.




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