Joe's Career Timeline

I graduated from Richard Stockton State University with a double major in Marketing and Management

I became the New England Division Manager, ultimately developing and promoting 18 sales reps to management positions, which generated $3.5 million in 1989 (the highest productivity in the company’s history)

I was inducted into the Vector / Cutco Hall of Fame.

I became established as an Internet Entrepreneur, initially as a Virtual Media Consultant and Web 2.0 specialist. I introduced businesses and individuals to streaming video solutions. That role expanded to internet advertising, recruiting, blogging, e-books, live broadcasting and consulting to small and medium sized businesses looking to increase their results from their sales and marketing efforts.

I gained a new role as a “Business Coach” for other aspiring business leaders. I developed a “virtual” sales management program for sales organizations that are looking to reduce their sales overhead, while increasing sales volume.

Seeing the need to assist small businesses in rebounding from economic challenges, I launched an innovative business InLineAdz, Inc. This business places large screen monitors in high traffic business location and then sells inexpensive advertising to local businesses to increase their brand awareness and customer acquisition.

After realizing the need for small business to engage with Social Media to survive in today’s marketplace, I started MaxExposure Social Media. MaxExposure is a program that manages and maintains Social Media for businesses at an affordable price.

MaxExposure broke $1,000,000 in sales for the first time!

MaxExposure Social Media, was renamed MaxExposure Business Solutions, through the expansion to over 60 products and services, designed to increase the online presences for small business at a price they could afford



  • Web Site Design, repair and hosting
  • Comprehensive Social Media Management
  • Listing & Directory Citation Repair and Monitoring
  • Review Management & Responses
  • Online Advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Widgets and Web tools to increase productivity
  • Text message marketing
  • Promotional videos
  • And much, much more!

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Contact Joe for more information on Sales opportunities or how MaxExposure can help increase your companies online exposure.

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Contact Joe for more information on Sales opportunities or how MaxExposure can help increase your companies online exposure.

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