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Smart Goals w. Joe Grushkin

“The Science of getting more of what you want 
and less of what you don’t want”

    • Law of Attraction 101 – Introduction
    • Law of Attraction – Seminar (Half & Full Day)
    • Law of Attraction – Entrepreneurial Mindset
    • Law of Attraction – Sales Manager Mindset
    • Law of Attraction – Exit Strategy Mindset
    • Law of Attraction – Personal Development (Life Coaching)
    • Social Media & Online Presence
    • Online Reviews
    • SEO / Listing Services
    • Website Development / Management
    • Google & Facebook Advertising
    • Messenger “BOT” Advertising
    • Email & Text Message Program
      • Prospecting
      • Setting Appointment
      • Phone Skills
      • Presentation Skills
      • Closing the Sale
      • Handling Objections
      • Organization and CRM Tools
      • Sales Management 101
      • Recruiting
      • Training Sales Professionals
      • Territory Management for Sales Reps
      • Territory Deployment for Sales Managers
      • Business Plans and Sales Projections
      • Motivation
      • Incentives and Contests (planning & execution)
      • Conferences and Events (development & promotion)
      • Consultations
      • Travel & Expenses
      • Program Development
      • Presentation
      • Program Materials
      • Follow up Consultations

Joe Grushkin leads a full service marketing company catering to the inspired entrepreneur. We work with business owners and managers looking to expand and grow their existing businesses through a combination of inspired ideas, actions and mentoring. We can get you excited about your business, and focused on creating the future you envision. 

Too many times business owners find they are caught up in running their business, essentially working “in their business,” and not able to spend any time working “on their business”. The day-to-day running of a business doesn’t leave time to further develop as a business professional and leader. This lack of focus on the big picture often leads to business failure and dissatisfaction. Truth is, if you aren’t moving forward, it’s likely your business is sliding backward.

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